To Live Without Violence

To Live Without Violence

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Since 1983...


We have been the sole provider of 24/7 crisis intervention and recovery support services for individuals in

La Porte County.


We help those being victimized by domestic abuse, dating violence, and/or sexual abuse.

Abuse is never acceptable and never your fault!

You can regain power and control over your life...

Stepping Stone is here to assist you on that journey.

In an Emergency:

-Call 911 - go to a safe spot or the neighbor's and call the police.

-Stay away from the kitchen, garage/any rooms that contain 'weapons' and small


-If police come, explain what has occurred and write down the officer's badge

  number and name.

-Take pictures of all injuries and damages.


Protect Yourself at Home:

-Get help by calling 911 or Stepping Stone's confidential 24-hour abuse hotline

  (866) 879-4615.

-Change locks on your doors and install locks on your windows; screen phone calls.

-Plan an escape route from your home and teach it to your children; know where

  you will go to escape (consider Stepping Stone's Shelter).

-Have neighbors call the police when they see the abuser at your home develop a

  signal to alert them to danger (flipping on a porch light, etc.).

-Take a self-defense course and carry a noisemaker or personal alarm.

The Stepping Stone Shelter for Women


Providing those who are victims of domestic violence, services including 24/7 crisis lines & intervention, temporary shelter, clothing & food, transitional housing, counseling, support groups, and advocacy.



We, the members of The Stepping Stone Shelter for Women, alert to the problems of domestic violence existing at all socioeconomic levels in American society and, perpetuating itself from generation to generation, associate ourselves to work toward its elimination and, in particular, to offer refuge and services to its victims in our area.


Company Overview

The Stepping Stone Shelter for Women, Inc. attempts to respond constructively to the victims of domestic violence and to assist them in living within the community without violence.



It is the philosophy of The Stepping Stone Shelter for Women, Inc. that family violence is a complex and serious problem, not only to the individual family involved, but also for the community. We view the problem as cyclical in nature; the solution requiring that the intervention process be one of education and understanding by each mate as to why the family, as a unit, is in trouble.

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